Long Live the Garden!

 the garden with fresh bark!  
I got my wood chip delivery spread over the yard.  Pretty sure I will make more gardens this year, but it feels exciting to have the very back of the yard grass free.  I really didn't like all the mowing and now I can see the space much better - can't wait to get my berry orchard in!

And yay to no weeds growing in the paths.  The straw was exciting last year, but it broke down pretty efficiently.  These wood chips should last me a good 3 years - plenty of time to totally change things around.  

Along the far right side of the picture (above) I made the yard much more level.  It was a hassle to walk over there because of the slope.  Now you almost don't notice any change in pitch.  The most dramatic change happened in the area pictured below.  I brought it up by about a foot!

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