What's New in the Garden?

Winter has come and gone!  The broccoli is on it's way out though I have yet to harvest several heads that look something like this:
The plants did quite well considering we had weeks of freezing temperatures.  The plant above froze solid, thawed and got all mushy.  Miraculously, it still managed to produce.  You can't tell from the picture, but the heads are full size!  And it tastes sooo good!  

I decided to leave the damaged leaves on the plant.  During the summer I generally do some strategic trimming to focus growth, but over winter wanted to leave the plants with as much green as possible to breathe in sunlight.  I think it also helped keep buggies from the heads. (That, or they just prefer the leaves, I'm not sure.)

You'll notice a cover crop around the broccoli.  I started it about 2 months ago.  I've got several beds in cover crops right now.  In a week or so I'll be turning some of them under to prep for spring veggies.
This week I'll start my beets, carrots, peas and onions outside!

Yippee to spring unfurling!


  1. dean,
    "the broccoli is on its way out": sounds like you're planning on pulling it. try leaving it in. i've heard a few accounts from folks in the pnw that broccoli can be perennial, just hack it back to a little above the soil and it'll regrow. give it a try and lemme know what happens.

  2. hey rob,

    yeah, i left it in. (unless things are clearly dead or dying i have a hard time pulling them...) i was curious to see what happened since the plants went from what looked like near death to me to the pic above. i figured it had more in store. still getting broccoli!

    i didn't know about the perennial piece. it makes sense though cuz people grow collard "trees for years". i'll test that with the plant above. i'm curious about taste quality.

    what's growing in your garden!?!