UPDATE:  just talked with an old-timer and it is transpiration.  can be stressful to the plant.  still looks cool.

Over the summer I grew my first heads of cabbage!

(bottom right is the cabbage)
As I frequently do, one night I was out gardening by headlamp and noticed something quite curious.  The cabbage leaves appeared to be sweating.

I did some research at the time, trying to find out why they did that.  The temp wasn't super warm at night and I had given them the 'prescribed' amount of water.  I couldn't find any info on the subject so didn't know if this was a stressful situation to the plants or just part of how they are.  In any case, the plants seemed super healthy otherwise, so I didn't worry about it.  It looks pretty cool yeah!?!

So when I planted my fall broccoli, imagine my thrill when I noticed the same curiosity.  Again, I was night gardening and my broccoli leaves were sweating.

I assume now that it's a cole crop characteristic.  I still can't find any info on this.  I think what they are doing is called transpiration (fancy word I learned in Master Gardener class), but I'm not sure though cuz transpiration is a cooling mechanism and  I've only seen this curiosity happen at night.  I wonder if they are getting abundant water and need to release it this way?  The plants are thriving so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing.  If anyone has some insight I'd love to here it!

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