A couple of days ago I brought this little package to my cool neighbors across the alley.  They moved in about the same time as me and we've been bonding over some of the issues on our alley block.  They also have a garden and I've shared some of my knowledge with them.  The big dude of the house referred to me as the resident garden master.  It was funny since I'm a master gardener!

It made me feel good to know that he was thinking of me like that.  I don't feel like any kind of gardening expert, but keep reminding myself that I know more than I think.  And broadly speaking, a lot more than the general public.  I'm super happy that this can be the gift that I give to my neighbors.  When I'm ready to post about Hilltop Urban Gardens we'll look at that gift much closer.  Until then, let's just say that gardening has been the gift that keeps on giving and I can't wait to grow that for my community!


  1. beautiful! love it. keep it up.

  2. I was thinking, "Who is Sandy Loam-- I don't know that person," and then I got it! Love this, dean. Funny, interesting AND cool.