Okay, So First - Fraking Beautiful!  
Pictures of veggies harvested just minutes ago are amazing.  you can basically see the life flowing from them and being offered to you.  I'm totally trying to remember to give thanks and blessings for this miracle each time I eat from the garden!
I Grew This Shit.  What!?! And It Tastes SO Good.
Last night I made a brilliantly delicious tomato sauce for pasta.  It was a simple dish that ended up with wonderful flavor.  I'm spoiled.  
(fresh from the garden.  behind the bowl is plum and pear preserve made that day.  a gift from my alley neighbors)

The first step was caramelizing the onions I just picked from the garden.  I seriously don't ever want to eat a store bought onion again.  Store bought anything for that matter.  Growing my own food has completely redefined the meaning of freshness!
After the onion turned just past translucent I added cut up jalapa peppers and garlic.  Then I finished caramelizing everything.   I cooked this tastiness in olive oil, a little Braggs and some leftover raspberry-honey wine.  Right before the pasta was done cooking I added the tomato and some more wine.   I wanted to cook down the tomatoes just a pinch. The pasta was slightly undercooked so I could toss it in the pan and finish cooking with the sauce.  This way the pasta absorbed all the yummy seasoned juices.  Thanks Kate (and her Food Network tendencies) for that delightful tip!
And here's the dish plated up and tossed with an "Italian" cheese blend.  Imagine fresh basil topping everything.  I forgot to add it :-(  This meal came straight from the garden!  At some point I want to make my own pasta too!

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