I started a garden blog! I've lived in STAR for about 11 months now.... Holy! Almost a year! Wow - I need to have an anniversary party!!
Hmm, maybe a Harvest Party. But anyway, a garden blog. When I moved in I didn't think I was going to be able to do a garden this year because of the foundation work I'm going to have done. But circumstances changed and that work probably isn't going to happen next year. So, a garden was born!  It's been a great process for my body and my soul!

My intention for this blog is to:
  • Describe how I build my garden
  • Document what I grow, how I grow it, and all the badass-incredible meals I am cooking from the harvest
  • Share all the yummy things that I am learning, practicing or remembering about myself and my community work.
  • I imagine there will be some other stuff thrown in too!
S. Loam

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